Welcome to the toy room which, oddly enough, also acts as our guest room. No one has complained yet, so I guess that's a good thing. 

I have been collecting (on a serious level) for about six years. When I started, my goal was to buy one of everything I had as kid, only carded or boxed. That plan quickly transformed into "What about one of everything from all the popular franchises from the period?" Soon after, I found myself picking and choosing my favorites from particular lines that either had heavy nostalgic value, or because they were items that I had completely forgotten about until I found some old commercial on YouTube or an article about The Ten Worst Toys in the 80s.

I had good intentions, but eventually I hit a price wall because some of the things that were on my wish list were just way too expensive to buy boxed (i.e. the Technodrome from TMNT and the T-Rex from Dino Riders, among others). Those are two of my "grails" that I'll likely never own for two reasons; one being price, and the second being the lack of space (mostly the second reason?). In reality, I actually find myself buying less these days. If I do come across something I want, I don't care if it's loose so long as it's complete and in good condition.

Where did you get those display cases?

They are called "knockdown" display cases or wall cases and can be purchased from almost any retail fixture supply company. I purchased mine from Acme Display here in Los Angeles in six foot and four foot lengths. I added micro-fluorescent strips which were light enough to be attached securely with 3M permanent adhesive pads.


  • Reasonably affordable (for their size)
  • Looks professional


  • Weight! These things are made from particle board (think IKEA). The flat packed boxes required (at minimum) two people to lift.
  • Construction was mildly confusing
  • The aluminum door slides needed to be trimmed with a saw because they were a little longer than the case opening.
  • You have to construct these on their sides, which means you later have to lift them upright. This task required four relatively strong people due to the sheer weight of the constructed case.
  • They are called "knockdown" cases because they are meant to be broken down and rebuilt again for trade shows/events. However, I would never ever want to break these down and rebuild them.

Fun Collection Facts

Favorite toy line: Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Favorite pieces in the collection: A new in box Bionatops from Masters of the Universe, A new in box Sewer Playset from TMNT, Brainoid from the Adventure People line, Carded Egon from The Real Ghostbusters, various carded Battle Beast figures.

Most obscure pieces in the collection: Savage Mondo Blitzers, A boxed Servo from Superhero Samurai Syber-Squad 

I need: McNugget Buddies

Strangest thing I want: An unopened box of Croonchy Stars cereal

Kind of lame, but I bought it anyway: Bill & Ted figures, poorly executed 90's Wolverine figures from Toy Biz, a carded vintage General Madine from Return of the Jedi.

The collection as of June 2014