Select Your Hero 1.0

In 2009 the first iteration of Select Your Hero was born when I decided to start drawing my favorite characters from pop culture. The prints had a really great run, but after five years, the style I had chosen was starting to show its age. Originally, I had drawn all of their shapes in Illustrator and then did all the texture work in Photoshop. Since owning a Cintiq, I've been able to work faster and more efficiently. With an improved skill set, I rebooted the series in the summer of 2014. I kept the same canvas size, but nixed the dry brushed multi-colored backgrounds in exchange for a more neutral off-white that works universally with every character.

The original Select Your Hero series had only 71 entries. I had planned for 100, but never reached that goal. Select Your Hero 2.0 has a little over 200 entries planned. Below You'll find all of the Heroes finished to date.



All the sketch/concept work was done in Photoshop. Some of the characters went through multiple variations. There were a lot of rejected ideas, but I included some of them to illustrate the evolution of certain characters.


as of February 25, 2015. Please click each thumbnail to enlarge. New entries will be added as they are completed.

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